PFBR-150 Series

This LED Light Source achieved highest level in the industry with 2 million lx. The light output exceeds that of a 250-W metal halide light source.

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Achieves the highest level in the industry with 2 million lx(※Actual measurement values with a bundle of ?10 mm, a straight light guide with a total length of 1,080 mm installed, and at a position 50 mm away from the fiber output edge. Results for individual products may vary.)

LED light source unit that exceeds a 250 W metal halide light source

Optical design is optimized for all types of fiber to provide high output

1,024-step intensity. Linear characteristics with reproducibility

Our unique correction function is a standard function. Provides linearity with reproducibility

Equipped with a light output stabilization (feedback) function

Stable light output even in severe operating environments

Standard compatibility with three types of light guides

Check the dimensions of the light guide to be used before selecting an adapter.

  • For details, refer to the Light Guide Adapter Dimensions Chart
  • Be careful as plastic fiber cannot be used.
  • A light guide adapter is not provided with the LED Light Source. Order one separately.

External control by use of a large variety of communication methods

Digital communication control: Compatible with sink and source types

Analog communication control: Intensity control from 0 to 5 V

Serial communication control: RS-232C

Ethernet communication control: TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols

Dimensions of the light guide adapters (mm)

Select a light guide adapter when you evaluate the LED Light Source.



  • Be careful as plastic fiber cannot be used.
  • Please be aware that the light guide adapter must be installed after purchase by the customer. Inquire with the CCS sales representative regarding sizes not listed here.


LED properties

Spectral distribution

Be sure to read the "Instruction Guide" included with the product before use and follow the safety precautions upon use.
The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

Custom Order Example

We accept custom orders.

Please feel free to inquire.

  • Changes in wavelength (red, blue, and green)
  • Change in light distribution angle, etc.

Light guide

Please feel free to inquire.