PSB3 Series

High-capacity and constant-voltage Control Unit equipped for parallel, serial, and analog external control all in a single unit.
Note: Select a model after making sure that the total power consumption of the Light Units is within the output power capacity of the Control Unit.

  • Analog Control Units


  • Light Unit output is compatible with 1 channel/4 connectors (metal connector x 2, EL connector x 2).
  • Each single unit is equipped with parallel, serial and analog control for external control.
  • You can select the optimal output according to the Light Unit and optimize the intensity setting by switching the intensity range.

Example connections

Parallel communication
Example connections of external signal

ON/OFF input
Example connections of external signal

Example system configuration

Intensity Range

Optimize your intensity setting with the intensity lower limit selection function.
You can choose an intensity range to match the Light Unit.