PF Series

Control Unit for the high power strobe LED light Units (PF-series).
Brightness is adjusted through output voltage control.

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  • Strobe Unit


  • Dedicated Control Unit for the High Power Strobe Lights PF series( PF series Product Page
  • Light intensity: 512 levels
  • Minimum strobe time of 1μs
  • Lighting delay time: 0 to 100 μs (in steps of 0.1 μs)
  • 2 channels (PF-A4048-2), 4 channels (PF-A16048-4)
  • Ethernet and parallel communications
  • Sets of parameters related to light control can be registered.
  • Trigger link function(PF-A16048-4)
    You can make the Light Units on multiple channels turn ON (or OFF) with a single
    trigger signal that is input through one of the pins of the trigger input connector.

Registering Scenes (sets of parameters)

Light Intensity Ranges

Each channel can be set to one of the light intensity ranges below.
The output voltage of the output connectors varies depending on the light intensity range.

  • High light intensity range (default): 33 to 48 VDC
  • Low light intensity range: 12 to 48 VDC

Example connections

Refer to the “Instruction Guide” for details.

Example connections
of external trigger signal

Example connections
of external trigger signal
(Applying scenes)

Example connections
of external signal
(Parallel communications)

Example system configuration


Watch the video below.