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Easy & User Friendly Lighting Control for all Machine Vision users

triniti™ is a new, enabling technology from Gardasoft, which provides expert control, operational intelligence and full integration of Machine Vision Lighting - all within a ‘plug-&-play’ environment.

With triniti, Machine Vision systems with LED Lighting are now much easier to create, configure and commission, while, at the same time, offering increased functionality. This is because complex control techniques have now been made very easy to implement.

As a system-enabling technology, Triniti embraces a collaborative approach with leading manufacturers of LED Lighting and providers of Machine Vision software; CCS ( is amongst the initial manufacturers to have adopted Triniti. The Triniti software API is already proven with Image Processing Software from Cognex, Stemmer Imaging and National Instruments.

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Triniti delivers the following user benefits

  1. Enables non-expert users to use expert Machine Vision lighting techniques
  2. Revolutionises the integration of lighting parameters right through to application level software
  3. Addresses the industry’s identified need for a highly flexible system that is also readily ‘plug-&-play’
  4. Provides a stability of brightness, long-term, that helps to enhance the reliability of Machine Vision systems, over many years
triniti connection within a Machine Vision system

Triniti delivers the following user benefits

CCS Intelligent Lighting systems can be easily selected, this overview provides a summary of the key criteria for a typical system. The following CCS lighting ranges have the Triniti Intelligent Lighting functionality available as standard (other CCS models can have this added as a ‘custom fit’ option).

LDR2 Series
LDR2 Series
HPR2 Series
HPR2 Series
FPQ3 Series
FPQ3 Series
LDL2 Series
LDL2 Series
TH2 Series
TH2 Series
HPD2 Series
HPD2 Series
LFV3 Series
LFV3 Series

Lighting information - fixed data

All CCS TR Series Intelligent lights are supplied complete with the following fixed data:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Model of light
  • Current rating of light
  • Overdrive profile
  • Documentation weblink
  • Serial number

Lighting information - dynamic data

Dynamic data is automatically provided by CCS Intelligent lights; Users can also set their own dynamic data. See CCS application note for further details.

  • User name (unique name for light)
  • On-time
  • Use time of light

Controllers for Intelligent lighting

CCS Intelligent Lights require Triniti LED Controllers as part of the overall system. The current ratings for these controllers is summarised in the table below - also refer to the easy selector guide.

  TR-RC120 TR-RC122 TR-RT220 TR-RT420
Output channels 1 1 2 4
Continuous output current 1.2 A 1.25 A 3.0 A
Pulse output current 2.0 A 10.0 A 20.0 A
Output power 25 W 30 W 40 W (per unit) 50 W (per unit)

Triniti LED Controllers are manufactured by Gardasoft Vision.

Software for Intelligent lighting

Triniti Software is available for all CCS Intelligent Lighting system, there are 3 levels of software functionality. Refer to Triniti Software summary.

  1. Triniti Vision Utility
    Close integration of Lighting with Image Processing software such as Cognex VisionPro, NI LabVIEW and Stemmer Imaging CVB
  2. Triniti SDK
    OEM programmers’ interface to Triniti Lighting systems
  3. Triniti Controller Utility
    Easy to use interface for basic parameter setting of LED Controllers operations and communications

All Triniti Software is free to download for CCS customers. It is available from Gardasoft Vision,
Triniti Software Download

Light Overdrive characteristics

All CCS TR Series Intelligent lights have the capability to be safely and accurately Overdriven. Simply enter the model of the CCS light in the selector below to find the typical Overdrive performance. Note that the resulting Brightness values refer to typical operating conditions of 1ms pulse width and 10% duty cycle.

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