LDL2 Series

Emitting surface with LEDs arranged in straight lines radiate direct light.
High flexibility in installation is also provided.

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Rich lineup with 141 models*

We have a lineup of 141 models*, such as combinations of the size and emitting width of the emitting surface, directional characteristics, and the emitted color.

* Total number of models of the conventional products and high-power type products.

Compatible with a wide range of uses

You can freely adjust the illuminating direction and angle for use in a wide range of uses.
Because Bar Lights can freely adjust their illuminating direction and angle to match the workpiece, they can provide the optimal image.

Increased brightness and rich variety of sizes

※The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

Brightness comparison

Standard product lineup

The same applies to Wide Types (End of the model name: -WD).

Conventional product

Model name LED color Emitting surface size
LDL2-33X8RD/SW/BL/GR/IR850 Red/White/Blue/Green/Infrared 33X8 mm
LDL2-41X16RD/SW/BL/GR Red/White/Blue/Green 41X16 mm
LDL2-80X16RD/SW/BL/GR 80X16 mm
LDL2-119X16RD/SW/BL/GR 119X16 mm
LDL2-74X30RD/SW/BL/GR Red/White/Blue/Green 74X30 mm
LDL2-146X30RD/SW/BL/GR Red/White/Blue/Green 146X30 mm
LDL2-218X30RD/SW/BL/GR 218X30 mm
LDL2-266X30RD/SW/BL/GR 266X30 mm

High-power type


Model name LED color Emitting surface size
LDL2-19X4RD2/SW2/BL2 Red/White/Blue 19X4 mm
LDL2-33X8RD2/SW2/BL2 33X8 mm


41X16 mm
LDL2-80X16RD2/SW2/BL2 80X16 mm
LDL2-119X16RD2/SW2/BL2 119X16 mm
LDL2-158X16RD2/SW2/BL2 158X16 mm
LDL2-26X30RD2/SW2/BL2 26X30 mm
LDL2-50X30RD2/SW2/BL2 50X30 mm
LDL2-74X30RD2/SW2/BL2 74X30 mm
LDL2-98X30RD2/SW2/BL2 98X30 mm
LDL2-122X30RD2/SW2/BL2 122X30 mm
LDL2-146X30RD2/SW2/BL2 146X30 mm
LDL2-218X30RD2/SW2/BL2 218X30 mm
LDL2-266X30RD2/SW2/BL2 266X30 mm

Differences between conventional products and high-power types

Difference Conventional product High-power type
Peak emitting wavelength Red 635 nm/Blue 470 nm Red 634 nm/Blue 467 nm
Correlated color temperature White 6,600 K White 7,800 K
Power consumption Refer to the Lineup table.
Spectral distribution Refer to the LED properties ( "Characteristics/Data" tab ).
Directional characteristics

Model name

Conventional product High-power type

Power consumption values are different between the conventional products and high-power type products. Before use, make sure that the total power consumption of the Light Units is within the output power capacity of the Control Unit. Optional accessories are applicable to the new products as well as to the conventional products of the same size. For details on the optional accessories that are applicable to the Light Units with the newly added size, refer to the lineup tables under "Options."

Bar Lights that use surface-mounted LEDs

These are Bar Lights that use surface-mounted LEDs.
We provide the narrow type, which performs convergent illumination for a narrow space, and the wide type ( -WD) which illuminates a wide space.

Select the directional characteristics of a narrow type or wide type

Example configuration

Achieved light with a narrow directionality using the original lens located in front of the LEDs. Illuminates direct light from any angle.



Data: Relative irradiance graph/Uniformity (Representative example)

※The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

LED properties

Spectral distribution

Conventional products

High-power type

High power type white data is model number (A).
CCS offers you the most suitable lens filter for each wavelength.
For details about the lens filter, refer here.

Directional characteristics (Typical examples)

Conventional products

High-power type

Be sure to read the "Instruction Guide" included with the product before use and observe cautionary information.
The data included is for reference only. Actual values may vary.

Custom Order Example

Please contact your CCS sales representative.

Imaging Example

Imaging of damage in sheet metal (hairline finishing)

Description Visual inspection
Workpiece Aluminum sheet (hairline finishing)
Before the proposal LED Bar Light
After the proposal LDL2-74X30RD Proposed the optimal illuminating
angle and illuminating direction
Result Extracts only the damage

Imaging the appearance of confectionery packaging

Imaging of engraved characters on a plastic surface

Imaging the appearance of connector pins

Imaging the surface and appearance of tiles

Change to White LED Models

Discontinued models and successor models

Applicable Models

LDL2 Series white LED lights (all models)
Ex. LDL2-19X4SW2 -> LDL2-19X4SW2(A)

Impact on Function and Performance

New white LEDs have been used in the successor models.
The correlated color temperature is lower and the color is yellowish-white.


Discontinuation of LDL2 Series, white LED color