CC-ST Series

A compact and lightweight controller for LED Light Units.
This unit can be mounted to DIN rails and operates on a 24 VDC input.

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  • This LED Light-dedicated controller has the same size as a sensor amp.
  • DIN rail installation
  • Can be installed in various locations such as inside a control panel or next to any type of sensor amp inside a device.
  • Power supply is 24 VDC, optimal for on-site usage.

Example connections

Refer to the “Instruction Guide” for details.

External signal
Example connections

  • Becomes HIGH when 24 V is applied to input+ and 0 V is applied to input-.
  • Apply a current using the open-collector circuit, high-speed photocoupler, semiconductor relay, and so on. (We recommend 10 mA or less.) The pulse width must be 10 μs or more (Applied voltage 24 V±10%).
  • If using in an environment where noise is likely to occur, we recommend isolating the signal line and GND line from the drive device using a photocoupler or semiconductor relay.

Example system configuration