We provide a variety of services and support so that you can select the optimal lighting for your needs. Please feel free to inquire.

3 Types of Free Testing Support

"We want to verify details about various light units but our company doesn't have the proper environment."
"We want to run tests to find which kind of light units will help us successfully perform imaging for our workpieces.“
We address such customer concerns by offering 3 different types of free testing support services.

Loan Products

Evaluation of Our Products Before Purchase
We have prepared well over 18,000 loan products.
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Testing Room

12 Domestic Testing Locations Available
We can help you achieve the "optimal image“ using our products.
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Work Testing

Provide the "optimal image" to meet your needs.
We will borrow a workpiece from you and perform the experiment for you.
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Other support

How to Select
Power Supplies

You can easily find and select the Control Unit you need.

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How to Check Lighting Connection Combinations

You can make use of our simulations to check whether or not certain power supplies and lighting products can be connected and used in combination with each other.

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Sample Program
for Controllers

Sample Program for Controllers

We distribute sample programs that can be used with our power supply products.

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Here, we provide information on standards, repairs/warranties, export, and environmental regulations, etc.

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Maintenance and Environment

Here, we provide information on maintenance/inspections, usage/storage environments, etc.

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Here, you can browse through a collection of the most frequently asked questions we have received in CCS customer inquiries.

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Announcements on Catalog/Instruction Manual Corrections

Based on the know-how and skills we have accumulated since our founding, CCS combines various elements, such as light wavelength, illuminating distance, and illuminating angle, to provide a "lighting solution" environment that is perfect for you.