The Difference between Wide-type and Narrow-type

Explaination of how Wide-type and Narrow-type LEDs work in LED lighting.

LDR2-70RD-WD and LDR2-70RD are put in the same condition and an image of the post card is captured. The difference between the lighting area of Wide-type and lighting area of Narrow-type was examined.

【Target work】Post card

Photography Conditions

  • LED Illuminator:LDR2-70RD-WD / LDR2-70RD
  • Lens:f 16mm
  • Ring:0.5mm
  • Stop:16
  • Filter:-
  • WD:223mm
  • LWD:160mm
  • Field of View:66mm
  • Intensity:Coarse:9 / Fine:16
  • PowerSupply:PD2-1012


The Wide-type can light the entire view comparatively uniformly because the Wide-type has a wide light area.

The figure above shows the binarized data shown at the figure at the left. You can see that the light can illuminate the wide area relatively.



The Narrow-type which has a long lighting range can illuminate the center of the target area more brightly than the Wide-type. However, the area around the center is dark because the lighting area of the Narrow-type is small.


By binarizing the results shown at the figure at the left with the same threshold value as the Wide-type, it can be confirmed that the lighting area of Wide-type and that of Narrow-type are different from each other considerably.