UV Series

These UV Lights achieved safety and reliability by adopting our unique anti-spark structure. CCS offers a rich product lineup of 9 series and 31 models.


Uses original UV-LEDs

Uses LEDs with our unique spark prevention mechanism

Because they have a steel alloy cap, many ultraviolet LEDs are susceptible to static electricity or impact. In particular, dead LEDs due to sparks occurring from contact with metal shards have been a major issue. Our company's original ultraviolet LEDs successfully solved this problem through our unique spark prevention mechanism. Compared to the conventional products, we significantly increased our "safety" and "reliability."

Peak wavelength of 365 nm, directional characteristics of ±20°

Light spectrum of the UV-LED

Directional characteristics

Our original ultraviolet LEDs have a peak wavelength of 365 nm and directional characteristics of ±20°. Using the mono-wavelength, a characteristic of LEDs, allows for stable imaging over a long period of time that captures the workpiece's characteristics more accurately than using a black light.
Furthermore, our rich lineup provides optimal Light Units depending on the inspected object, inspecting environment, and optical system.